It wasn’t just talent, it required hard work!

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mark Herrington

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September 26, 2012

There is a common misconception among the general public that professional athletes are where they are today because of talent. That is not true. Talent alone cannot solely give root to an athlete. Specifically in Basketball, the public believe that most players made it to National Basketball Players (NBA) because they were so talented that they swept passed everyone to get there. Again, that is not true.

Talent isn’t what got them to the NBA. It may have been the original factor in which the players focused on, but it was not the key ingredient to becoming successful. This key ingredient is hard work! Hard work develops the talent within young people to become successful. Honestly, some people just don’t get this concept! Take for example, Josh McRoberts. Josh was the #1 rated high school basketball player in the world in 2005. Josh chose Duke University, a prestige basketball school to play college basketball at. He played 2 years at duke then turned pro. He was supposed to be drafted in the top 10 coming out of high school, but slipped to #37 in the 2007 NBA draft. After falling in the draft, Josh then faded away for 4 years, then in the summer of 2011, he was signed by the Los Angeles Lakers to be their backup centre. Little did he know the work required to earn a big contract. Before this signing, he averaged 1 million dollars per year for salary. That is a lot of money for an average person, but for a professional basketball player, it was petty money. Josh had to earn his money, his living. From being #1 in high school, most NBA analysts marked him as a bust. Josh proved them wrong by working hard. Josh learned that once you reach the NBA, the work required to be great does not stop, but it increases! There are many more like Josh who were great in high school and college, but couldn’t reach their potential in the next level.

To narrow it done for myself, I sometimes look past the required work for basketball players to be successful. This miscommunication to myself cannot happen. As I watched the players play basketball, I need to appreciate the work required to do their job, their career. Without hard work, their career is shortened, and is non-existent. Don’t be like me, and think, “Oh, they got it easier”, or don’t say to yourself “I wish I was like them,” because the reality is that anyone can do anything. It requires serious work ethic and time, but anyone can accomplish their desires. For basketball players, it starts with motivation to be the best. That attitude translate to club basketball, high school basketball, and pretty much basketball 24/7, 365 days a year. That is just a small hint required to be successful as a basketball player.

The question remains, so how are “we the people” going to stop taking basketball for granted? Well, first, we gotta appreciate the purity of the game itself, and realize that basketball players are people too. Respect the players, respect the game, and enjoy it! Miscommunications over this is done! Stop thinking about it!

As most NBA players yell “WORK HARD… PLAY HARD!”


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