The Misinterpretation that lead to the love and hate of LeBron James

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

DK Singh


September 26, 2012

Blog Post #1

The Cleveland cavaliers have always been a disappointing team because throughout their history as a team in the NBA, they never achieved much. But everything was supposed to change when the Cleveland Cavaliers got the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. There had never been so much hype for a young high school basketball player. LeBron’s games were often shown on ESPN. He had already been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and he had grown up in Akron, Ohio, a true cavalier.


The famous Witness Slogan of LeBron James photo by:

But the team and city wanted so much from a young man that just came out of high school. They expected him to carry the weight of the whole team and city alone on his shoulders with no help or support. But he was young and naive and thought he could do it before he even played a single NBA game he thought he could help his hometown win that championship the so desired.

He was amazing his first NBA game. LeBron scored 25 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals. He was only 18 years old at the time and of course he had flaws, but he had done what no rookie could have done. LeBron had the prospect of being an amazing superstar, comparisons to even, (arguably the greatest basketball player ever) Michael Jordan was being made.  The team and the fans were excited because they had hit the jackpot and after years of disappointment they finally had something to look forward too.

The years went on and so did LeBron’s stat sheet and list of achievements. Some of those remarkable achievements were winning the 2003 Rookie of the Year, Eastern Conference Champions, 2008 NBA Scoring Title, back to back Most Valuable Player awards in 2009 and 2010, he played Six All-star Games and won two All-star Game Most Valuable Player Awards. But the only thing that didn’t change was the number of championships Cleveland had and anyone on the team to support James to achieve that goal.

After everything he had done for the team he loved so much he just asked for one thing, and he constantly asked for that one thing and that was getting someone else on the team that could help him achieve the ultimate goal of a championship. LeBron took the Cavilers to two NBA finals where they came up short due to the lack of supporting, it was cited throughout many sporting experts (ESPN, TSN) that LeBron is just one man and one man does not make a team and that Cleveland needs to get him some supporting players. Then After seven years of being with the Cavilers he finally decided that he has to leave and find a better supporting cast to achieve his dream of an NBA title.

He only made one mistake of doing it publically on a broadcasted event called the Decision. This mistake was not entirely his either due to all of the agents that set up the broadcast to happen, and told him not to say anything till that day. After announcing that he will now move teams to be with Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat the media blew up and hatred towards LeBron began.  All of this came from the misinterpretation that the young man from Akron, Ohio could have carried an entire team by himself because the media and city believed and said he could due to his great high school basketball achievements. Currently LeBron James has a good supporting team and is the current NBA champion.



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