NBA age limit restrictions

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

DK Singh


Blog Post #2

There are many different ideologies behind the NBA. But one that I will discuss denies many young players their freedom to play basketball at the professional level, no matter how good they are, is the Age restriction in the NBA.


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Let’s start off with the cons of the restriction. Really good high school players have to wait a year or two before being able to even try out. Players or their families might really need money, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to earn it in the NBA? Potential career-ending injury can occur in college basketball before getting any compensation or earnings from the NBA that could have helped them in the future. There are some athletically gifted players who play great basketball that won’t have the academic abilities that are required by a university to gain admission.

The NBA had good reasoning behind this rule. One reason being, that players get to experience many responsibilities that come with being in college. College expands perspectives, if even only for a year or two. The responsibility matures the player so that they’ll be better prepared when they enter the NBA and even more importantly, when their NBA careers are over. This also creates a message to younger basketball players that basketball is about more than just fame, endorsements and big money contracts. They believe that the players will mature as people and established veterans will stay in the game longer. Also this will help the NCAA by having the star high school players for a year or two. Lastly it improves the quality of the game because players have more time to work on the fundamentals.

Though the NBA has good reasoning for the age restriction, it does not mean they should be able to make it into a rule. This is unfair to the players who are more mature and need the money to help stabilize their families. Many of the major superstars in the today came from poverty and very tough neighborhoods where life is too hard to keep on living there due to lack of money and dangerous living areas. Getting into the NBA is the only way they can not only move away from those areas themselves but bring the family and friends with them. If this rule had been put into place before many basketball players that we know today might not have made it such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnet just to name a few who came into the NBA right after high school. It is ironic that you can go to the army to fight and die for your country at the age 18 and yet the NBA restricts anyone under 19 from playing basketball at a professional level.



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