Sponsorships and style.

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mark Herrington


October 4, 2012

Blog post #2

Over the last 30 years, a new ideology has emerged into the reality of the NBA. Not only is it a dream to play Professional Basketball, it is also a dream to represent your community and what not. Well, do you like Sprite? Driving Kia’s? Or wearing Nike brand products? Well there’s a new way to represent or ‘rep’ your style, community, and friends. Welcome to being sponsored! Becoming sponsored by any company is a vast new way to rep who you are. What you rep is your discourse of your ideology.

Starting with some statistics. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, two of the most famous basketball players right now, rep their style everyday. Both Bryant and James, are sponsored by Nike. Together, they make an estimated $40 million per year, just from Nike alone.

That $40 million dollars per year feeds their style! Fans from all over the world are memorized by Bryant and James. They see them and want to be like them. So they chip in, and become apart of their Ideology, their style. They support Nike Products. As for myself, I too support Nike. In fact, I love Nike! I have worn dozens of shoes, shirts, and hats by Nike. To say the least, Nike is apart of my style, in a way it is one ideology in my life that i follow and support. My style becomes who I am, and Nike is in fact apart of who I am.

Nike isn’t the only sponsorship our there. There are numerous companies doing the same thing Nike does, to gain more fans, more recognition, and ultimately more money! Sponsorships are apart of every major sports league. They drive in revenues like no other. Why? To get recognition and money! A brand that is recognized gets more style points by fans.

Bryant and James, rep their own style everyday. Whether it be Nike, McDonald’s, or Sprite; Bryant and James will always have their own reputation and therefore their own following. Nike, is just apart of who they are. The creation of one’s style is limitless. Do what you want, create your own and love it! That’s what I do everyday, and it’s made me happier than ever.

Style is Limitless.


Style is limitless.

Sources: Picture (Quinten castillo Neon)



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