How the Media affected the NBA

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Miami Heat forward LeBron James, left, and Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant are just two reasons NBA fans should be paying attention to the Finals. (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

DK Singh


Nov. 8, 2012

Blog Post #3

The level of basketball played in the Finals was amazing. On top of that the hype the media created over it topped it to another level. Of course it helps when you get the two best players in the game not only playing against each other, but matching up against each other. The last time this happened was Magic vs. Bird – when the Internet was still a developing place and the media could not contribute as much as it does now. LeBron James and Kevin Durant averaged 31 and 34 points respectively in Games 1 and 2, with Russell Westbrook and a clearly hurting Dwyane Wade’s contribution (he was held to just two points by Thabo Sefolosha in the first half of Game 1, before Thabo blanketed LeBron in the second) Russel outscored and outplayed wade. The media created this final to be of two championship teams that both deserve the championship even though there can be only one winner. After the Heat won the media followed the win and many celebrated.  Also the media constantly changed it views about the teams every game they played, predicting different winners of the series each time.

But with the hype also came the criticism.The fans and people who think the Thunder are in trouble when Westbrook starts taking too many shots. Statistical fact says the team is 26-6 (including Game 2) this year when the point guard took more shots than the small forward. People have been trying to create a rift between those two for a year and a half, and it luckily it isn’t working. But those are NBA fans and the media bringing this stuff up. When fans make excuses on twitter and others follow that is when media is starting to change other people perspectives. LeBron James was one of the most loved NBA players in the game, but when his “Decision” arrived and the media got involved everything changed for him. Making him from one of the most loved to one of the most hated, despite his actual basketball game being even better than before. After the Miami Heat won the championship questioned was asked about the legitimacy of the award due to the season being shortened. Further causing some banter among twitter and changing people’s perspectives on the current champions.

The media has changed the game in both good and bad ways. It has brought more viewers and people together to  watch the game and has advanced the way we receive our knowledge of the games and players. We are now able to know every statistic on our phone, and some phones even have the capabilities to watch the games on the phones. But with this the game has changed as well. Now it has not just about what happens on the court but what happens of the court. Players are followed everywhere and perspectives change by what these players do outside of the arenas. Before it was about they way the player played the game and if he was good at it. Now it is also about what his views are about the world and the charities he gives to as well as his personal life.

I believe that the media may have helped the NBA grow and expand but at times has also tampered with different players images and has gone too far at times. Now the question is can there be a perfect balance of media? I believe there can, but it will take some time to achieve this.



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