NBA Time Zone

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized


Mark Herrington


Nov. 8, 2012

Blog Post #3

Over the past year, one story as flooded the markets of media. The 2012 US Presidential Election. Your source came from everywhere, whether it was CNN, CBC, FOX News, MSNBC, CTV, Etc. These media outlets have tracked the US Election and it’s every breaking story. It knows everything about the candidates and their lives. You can use these outlets to track the history behind this glorified event.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I am talking about politics when my title of this blog is “NBA Time Zone?” Well, over past year, just like the US Presidential Election, media outputs all over the world have tracked the history of Basketball. Each dimension of time is covered and can be known by just a few clicks of a mouse. That’s right, the internet is the ultimate media outlet of the NBA. Every breaking story is found on various websites that included such companies of ESPN, ROGERS, RIVALS, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, and so forth. The NBA is it’s own time zone. I am not talking about it having a physical zone of time that switches every tick of the clock, but it has it’s own history that is  driven by the media.

The media literally drives the conversation of the NBA. The media preserves the NBA, and markets it so perfectly, that it is too hard to resist. The media creates “timetables” in our lives. Just as we create time in our daily lives to watch TV, Movies, the news, listen to the radio, Etc.. The NBA drives a timetable for those who desire it in their lives. The NBA is a source that dictates our sports lives. The NBA has it’s own history, and this source of history helps the people who love the game. Everything that we know about the NBA is because of the Media, and the history it provides each time the NBA changes!

A common quote says “Learn from our mistakes, Learn from our History.” The same is with the NBA. Whether it is the NBA Draft, trades, signing players, or coaching, the NBA looks to it’s past for statistics, plays, injury reports, evaluation and reviews of players, and so forth. The NBA would not be the success it is today, without learning from the mistakes made in the past. For this reason, the NBA has it’s own media history to refer back to.



The NBA has a journey ahead.


The NBA will only go as far as it can with the Media. We rely solely on the media and it’s time to provide the ultimate entertainment for our lives. The NBA may be the road, but the Media is the bus.


Media drives the Bus.


The NBA that we love has a powerful history. We too can have a powerful history to depend on. Create your own media, and you won’t be disappointed!


Picture 1 by: Brock Wilson, 2007.

Picture 2 by: Sam Gomes, 1994.


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