The NBA’s Communication

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Eric Fantillo


Nov 8, 2012

Blog Post #3

In the last couple years, social media has changed the way big associations relate to their customers, fans and employees. The NBA is no different than anyone else in this regard. However, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on your viewpoint.

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A prime example of both perspectives was last season’s NBA lockout. A shining example is when the NBA conducted what it called a ‘Twitterview’. It allowed fans, and more importantly its players to ask question about its new proposal in order to squash any mis-communication that might be occurring. It worked, and quite splendidly. The players and the NBAPA (NBA Players Association) followed suit. This was a large part of what saved their fanbase from moving on to other sports while basketball wasn’t being played.

On the flip side, mistakes and misjudgments happen. During that same time, the vice-chair of the NBA, accidentally sent a message to all his followers instead of in a private message to one of his co-workers. He stated his opinion on how long the lock-out would be. As a result, the unprofessional message was put on display for all to ridicule and pretty quickly the vice-chair’s credibility took a substantial hit. Another example is when the owner of the Miami Heat took to Twitter to voice his frustrations.  Needless to say, it was pretty vulgar stuff. Thankfully the NBA fined him for creating a ‘negative public image’ and that was swept under the rug.

One of the most recent and by far the most followed example of the NBA using social media revolves around its biggest franchise; the Los Angelos Lakers. Their star-studded team has gotten off to a rocky start this season (1 Win, 4 Losses). Facing the cold hard reality of being last place in the Western Conference, the team used Twitter to bolster support. Tweets from its players and the franchise’s official Twitter showed that the players and staff were unfazed and it was strictly business as usual.

So, though there can be a positive outcome of using social media, such as eliminating some miscommunication and connecting with others. There can also be a negative outcome, like ill-advised explosions of emotion and accidental worldwide messages that wreck public relations and add to misinformation.





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