New Media in the NBA

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Jordan Holloway


Blog Post #4

November 15 2012


The medium in which professional sports teams connect with the fans has changed drastically over the last decade.  Preceding new media, the only ways for team to receive feedback was through poll questions and annoying surveys.  With the help of social media such as Facebook teams are now able to keep fans updated and engaged on all team activities on and off the court.  Game stats, Charities, player profiles, contests, are all ways that NBA social media coordinators expand a teams fan base and appeal to the newer generation of tech savvy kids.  

This medium is powerful because it provides a message that fan participation is important.  Discussions are encouraged which forms a stronger connection with the team and an all around stronger connection to the game.  With the click of a button you can stay updated on all of your favourite teams, it’s convenient, easy, and even fun.  


photo retrieved from: on November 14, 2012

One of the strongest NBA online presences is that of the LA Lakers.  The Lakers have over 15 million followers on their Facebook page and actively use the page as a free marketing tool to run contests and online ads. While professional photos are added to the online galleries, fans are also encouraged to ad their own photos that were taken at the games.  Social Media is an extremely powerful tool for NBA franchises because they have complete control over their campaigns and publicity.  The gatekeepers are now internal which allows for the message to be shaped to the teams liking.  

Anticipate that new media in the NBA will catch on and become widely used.  As the more traditional marketing managers retire, the new generation will seize the available tools to connect the audience and build an ambitious network of supporters.  






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